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Tom Jackson

Senior Systems Engineer

Tom was born in Charleston, South Carolina but grew up in Big Rapids, Michigan. By 10 years old, Tom had my first computer; a commodore Vic-20. After college Tom joined the navy to follow in his father and Grandfather’s footsteps. He was trained as an electrician but ended up developing Dbase & DOS applications from 1991 to 1994.

He then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and worked for a financial printing company where he was the WAN/LAN and system engineer for 6 years. Tom managed the entire network from the corporate data center in New Jersey to locations such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Tampa, and Miami. He managed the Novell & Windows NT servers as well as creating Intranet databases to track Disaster Recovery and Change Management Planning.

After being away from Michigan for ten years, Tom moved back to Big Rapids where he worked as a desktop support specialist, web application developer, and Server Team Leader at Ferris State University for 7 years. He was in charge of over 130 servers; Novell, Linux, and Windows. He also was the administrator over hundreds of custom applications and IT services.

Tom is now with Unitrends where he has been a Sr. Support Engineer for about 2 years; then moved into a System Sales Engineer role for about 5 years; and has now been a Sr. Professional Trainer for the last year.